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This single 3-minute image was acquired from a dark sky site in Waterberg , South Africa.
Image is centered on constellation Sagittarius and includes vast region around the center of  Milky Way.  The area between Eagle Nebula (M16) and the tail of scorpion (constellation Scorpius) includes  large number of most photographed bright deep sky objects such as nebulae, open and globular clusters.
Most of all noted objects are observable from urban area through small to large-sized telescopes. Light Pollution Reduction filters as well as Ultra High Contrast filters are recommended for observing and imaging from urban areas.
Best months for evening and late night observations of this region are June to August

MNASSA, June2018

Sagittarius region-Image-OTSagittarius region-Chart-OT

Sky chart No.01     CRUX REGION

MNASSA, April 2018, Volume 77 Nos 3 & 4, p.47-48

2014_01_17_Crux region_O_Toumilovitch2014_01_17_Crux region_chart_O_Toumilovitch