Waterberg Planetary Festival 2010

13 - 14 August 2010





Waterberg Planetary Festival 2009

The Waterberg Planetary Festival 2009 organizing committee thanks all those who attended the festival and those who ensured it's success.

Special thanks to Johannesburg Planetarium, Auke Slotegraaf (@psychohistorian.org), FOTON Optoelectronics for extensive

promotion of the event on their web sites.

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The Waterberg Planetary Festival 2009 was organized and hosted by Dr. Philip Calcott & Waterberg Cottages (South Africa)


Organizing committee: Dr. Phil Calcott; Oleg Toumilovitch (Pr.Eng, Opto-electronics); Simon Walsh, Kos Coronaios, Helen Hockley, Ernst Geyser, and Marelize du Toit.

Technical support and equipment (2 Telescopes, FOTON AstroCam system) and two Prizes (8" telescope and Astro Green laser pointer) were provided by FOTON Optoelectronics CC (South Africa)








All images are subject to copyright
Main presentations, 2 telescopes, 2 Malincams and projectors were provided by Dr. Philip Calcott
Star Constellations presentation by Simon Walsh
IYA2009 Astronomy outreach program at two local schools and equipment (Telescope and FOTON AstroCam) by Kos Coronaios and Limpopo Astronomy
Your astronomers and Telescopes and Video cameras operators:
Dr. Phil Calcott; Oleg Toumilovitch (Pr.Eng, Opto-electronics); Kos Coronaios; Simon Walsh
Sound System operators- Natalia and Alicia Toumilovitch


Message from Marion: "Hi guys,a big thank you for the great evening on Saturday.It was awesome. My 8 yr old was transfixed during the entire talk as were us grown ups. Its great to see what started as a few interested people gathering in the bush to such a large turn out."


Thanks to the following photographers, who have provided the images from the festival: Alicia, Carol, Kos, Natalia, Oleg, Roy

Webspace provided by FOTON Optoelectronics