FOTON AstroCam System V1
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  FOTON AstroCam System V1 comprises high quality color CCD video camera, utilising SONY Super HAD CCD Imaging Sensor and state-of-the-art electronic circuitry which ensure the best signal processing and image quality, broad choice of automatic and manual settings and ease of use. Wide dynamic range, integrated manually or automatically-controlled infra-red cut-off filter and widest on the market shutter speed and gain adjusting range make it possible to capture astronomical videos and still images of various celestial objects from Solar System to Star clusters and bright galaxies and nebulae. The standard system includes: Video camera with 1 1/4" telescope adapter; Hand Control unit; Power Supply unit; 5 m High grade video cable with connectors; Built-in or external Analogue video to USB signal converter; CD with drivers and Image capture Software; ABS storage case and Instructions Manual.

Live video stream from FOTON AstroCam can be viewed on a TV monitor or through a data projector on the screen by large audience. At the same time it can be viewed on a computer screen and captured as video or still images. Digital Zoom of the camera allows to enlarge the images of the planets and Lunar craters for more enjoyable viewing. The Saturn image on the left has been produced by FOTON AstroCam V1 and a small telescope with 1000mm focal length, f/10.

For more exciting images and videos by FOTON AstroCam visit our Astro-Gallery.

  Supplied as standard, Hand Control Unit (HCU) allows full control over the camera parameters and IR filter. The best image quality can be achieved by changing the settings and viewing the resulting image at the same time.
  FOTON AstroCam is supplied only with high grade video cables and connectors, which ensure excellent signal transmission over long distance.
Largest range of available optional accessories !
2.5" LCD monitor
Camera Lenses
Barlow lenses
Variable power Focal reducer
2" adapter
Cables / Connectors

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