Released in June 2009, FOTON Astrocam System V1 has already attracted attention of many astronomy enthusiasts, including astro-photographers. It can be seen in action at several public outreach events and private observatories througout Southern Africa. Though still frames produced by V1 can only remotely reflect the experience of watching live video of celestial wonders, we've decided to publish images here for you to see and enjoy. Some of the images are single frame images, produced by the camera as you watch it on a big screen, portable LCD monitor, or computer screen, some are the result of integrating 100's of frames into a single image.



First lunar image by FOTON AstroCam
Star occultation by Moon
Moon craters
Sombrero Galaxy mono
Sombrero Galaxy color
Lagoon Nebula central region
Jewel Box
Omega Centauri
Impact mark on Jupiter
Saturn action  

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