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Frantic upheavals

A large and powerful sunspot group (AR1654) has a dynamic and twisted magnetic field that we followed for six days (Jan. 9-15, 2013). The interactions of a pair of regions (actually two sunspot areas when viewed in filtered light) produced numerous smaller flares, while the magnetic field lines looped and snapped and flashed almost continuously. The detailed action was captured in extreme ultraviolet light.

Credit: SDO/NASA.





This art [astronomy]which is as it were the head of all the liberal arts and the one most worthy of a free man leans upon nearly all the other branches of mathematics. Arithmetic, geometry, optics, geodesy, mechanics, and whatever others, all offer themselves in its service.


Nicolaus Copernicus, Introduction to De Revoluntionibus, 1543.

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It was my first and probably last chance to photograph this comet from Johannesburg- Western horizon had been covered by the clouds every evening for couple of weeks. Yesterday the sky looked much more promising, but there were still clouds in the West. I knew exactly where the comet should appear shortly after the sunset, but it just wouldnt show up.. until the sky became a fraction darker then the comet. And there it was- large, bright and beautiful in the field of view of my binoculars and even heavy light pollution couldnt hide the comet. Northern hemisphere observers should prepare for a great show!

Comet C/2009 P1 Garradd



































































































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